Temples, Magic Moments, and Night Markets – Chiang Mai, Thailand

When we arrived in Chiang Mai, we were pretty exhausted, but it isn’t an adventure if you don’t just power through, right? We tried, anyway.

We spent the day roaming around the Old City. In and out of temples, shops, restaurants. We probably had our best meal of the entire trip at Huen Phen. Some legit northern Thai curry. I still dream of it.

We took a red car (think truck with covered bed, you sit in the truck bed on a bench) out to the temple on the top of the mountain, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, to watch to sunset and experience the evening monk ceremonies. While at the temple, we also hung a bell in memory of Doug’s grandma that passed right before we left. It was a beautiful and peaceful moment in a vacation of exhausted chaos.

Next stop, Sunday Night Market. Talk about controlled chaos. There was so much to look at, buy, eat, explore. It was overwhelming, but a great experience none the less. Chiang Mai is famous for it’s street food vendors, so I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to chow down on as much as I could handle. This was also a good chance to check out Wat Chedi Luang at night. It’s a beautiful temple from the 15th century that was never completed. It is almost magical at night.


Me after all of that food.



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