Amazing Mountain Camping Adventure – Northern Thai Mountains

This was easily the highlight of the trip. We booked the “Amazing Mountain Camping Adventure” through Chai Lai Orchid and it was beyond amazing. To be honest, though, it wasn’t what we were expecting. We rode standing up in the back of a truck with our bags for about an hour on windy mountain roads, hiked probably 15 miles up and down through the mountains, didn’t really visit any villages, and stayed at a secluded camp site where some of our guides friends and family came to visit. By going in to the adventure with an open mind, we had an incredible time. We met some fantastic people and shared experiences that we will cherish forever. It really made us take a step back and appreciate why we travel in the first place. It’s to have these once in a lifetime experiences with people you never could have imagined would cross your path. Two days was almost not enough.



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