Bamboo Rafting & Elephant Love – Outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

This was day two of our Chai Lai Orchid adventure. We were a little hungover, but nothing a hike through the jungle can’t cure. After our hike, we took a short ride in some trucks over to the rafting camp. Jumped on the rafts and rafted about 40 minutes to the elephant camp. The rafting was a nice change of pace after all of the hiking, but so. many. snakes. Snakes everywhere. OK, we only actually saw 1-2 snakes, but after that I just knew they were everywhere. Luckily we made it out alive.

The elephant camp was magical. The elephants had a special relationship with the mahouts and you could tell there was a mutual respect there. The babies were so adorable and feisty. They stayed close to their momma elephants and that made it even more adorable. After feeding them and getting to know them, we took a short ride through the jungle and across the river. After the ride, we got to hang out in the (what I now knew was snake infested) river with the rock star elephant, DeeDee. I forgot about the snakes the instant we got to start playing with DeeDee. She was the best.

We stayed at Chai Lai that night and it was my second favorite evening of the trip. We shared a bottle of Thai whiskey with the other people staying at the resort and shared stories. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of meeting people that love travel as much as we do. We booked the overnight at Chai Lai through their AirBNB, (our exact room) found here:







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