Ao Phang Nga National Park – Phang Nga, Thailand

We flew in to Phuket about midnight and told our AirBNB host that we were going to go get a last minute tour in Phang Nga the next day. He laughed at us and basically said, “umm, no you’re not”. Well, we did.

We rented a car from a random car rental place, drove on the wrong side of the road for about an hour. Obviously stopped for road trip snacks, where I accidentally got a custard steamed bun from 7/11 instead of pork. It was a terrible surprise. Once we arrived at the pier, we were stalked by this Thai woman through lunch and hat buying until we finally agreed to book a tour with her. We haggled, and ended up on a private boat for the day at a fantastic price. Never feel like you can’t navigate through a foreign country on your own. Be a little adventurous, it usually works out OK. I’ll save the stories of when it didn’t work out so OK for another time.

We visited James Bond Island (packed tourist spot), canoed around some sea caves, and strolled through a beautiful floating Muslim village. It was a great day on the water and our boat captain was incredible.



We were on an island an hour off the coast. Who has service for Pokemon Go!? We laughed at this and the Park Ranger had a laugh with us. Breaking cultural barriers over here.



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